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Harry Potter Chorus

A Harry Potter Lyrical Icon Challenge Community

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Mod: pasta_and_pepsi
Header and Icon by: gamma_wow

¤ You may submit up to two entries per challenge ¤
¤ Images must contain Harry. They may contain other characters, but Harry must be the focus (ships accepted) ¤
¤ You must use at least three consectutive words from the lyrics ¤
¤ Don't edit the lyrics. This means adding words or changing them. ¤
¤ Fanart is allowed, as long as you credit the creator ¤
¤ Please submit your icon, as well as it's URL address, as a comment to the challenge post ¤
¤ Comments always screened ¤
¤ Entries must be submitted by the posted deadline (generally, if it's past the deadline and no voting has gone up, you may still enter) ¤
¤ Please do not post your icon entry anywhere else until the challenge and voting is over (this means when winners are posted) ¤

¤ Vote for your three favorite submissions and for the special category, unless told otherwise ¤
¤ Do not vote for yourself ¤
¤ Do not tell others to vote for you ¤

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If you would like to affiliate with hpotter_chorus or have any lyrical suggestions, you can comment on any post made by pasta_and_pepsi in the community.